"I've worked for dentists in New York for forty years. I came to California five years ago, and I found a dentist who is honest and compassionate. I referred a number of patients to him, and they feel the same way. I feel fortunate to have met you, Dr. Burch!"

E.S., Mountain View

"I can't say enough about Dr. Burch, as a person and a dentist. I was terrified of going but once there, his office and he were very pleasant and comforting. Please use my name as reference.

Thank you - a very satisfied client."

E.H., Sunnyvale

Cosmetic Dentistry

Among the many advanced procedures we offer information guides on in order to provide you with the perfect smile makeover are:

Before After

- The perfect solution for the ultimate smile makeover

- Ultra thin veneers minimal preparation no pain!

- White fillings, fix broken teeth

Teeth Whitening
- For the ultimate dazzling white smile

Gum Reshaping
- Do you have a gummy smile or uneven gumline?

Dental Implants
- The ideal solution for missing teeth

Caps and Crowns
- for cosmetic dentistry or to fix broken down teeth

- Straight teeth with a range of different braces and aligners

And also proven relaxation techniques for anxious patients to over come dental phobia.

After expert treatment from our experienced and highly-skilled cosmetic dentists, we have seen countless patients' lives transformed.

You offer an exemplary service and achieve outstanding results. My teeth look amazing!