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Dental Implant

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants may be recommended instead of having the conventional crown and bridgework or dentures.??

The Benefits
- Restore the mouth as closely as possible to its natural state.
- Increase comfort by eliminating loose fitting dentures and partials.
- Preserve facial structure by virtually stopping the deterioration of the jaw.
make a more natural smile improving appearance and self confidence.

- Dental implants look, feel and function like a natural tooth and can be cleaned just like a natural tooth.
- They do not involve cutting down adjacent teeth and the preservation of bone provide better long term aesthetics.
- Inferior tooth supported bridges can suffer from decay if the cement washes out. An implant overcomes this problem thanks to the natural bone growth which embeds around the dental implants.

How it's done
A gentle surgical procedure is used to replace the root with the implant.

The implant is left for some months to allow the bone to form an ultra strong bond to the implant. Finally, an artificial tooth is custom made to ensure that the implant is the ideal colour, shape and size. Your dental implant replaces the tooth root and provides a stable foundation for a replacement crown. The bone forms a biological bond with the new dental implant giving your new crown the same stable foundation as a natural tooth.

Case Studies
This case shows before and after images of a single implant retained crown replacing a molar tooth which had been lost.

This is a case of a rugby player who lost his four front teeth. Two implants were placed to support a four unit bridge.